is now in spain.

yohami’s take on girls by nationality:

eastern europe girls win by a slight margin, then french, then canadian (quebec, fucking wild), then UK, then spanish, then american, then latin american

If I was from the USA I would probably have american last

but truly, its all more or less the same. you are deluded if you think the warmness of the latin american really means something. it “really” doesnt. its all superficial. There are other things to look for.

The PAC model

thanks to bhetti for the link.

The Ego-State (or Parent-Adult-Child, PAC) model

At any given time, a person experiences and manifests their personality through a mixture of behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Typically, according to TA, there are three ego-states that people consistently use:

Parent (“exteropsyche”): a state in which people behave, feel, and think in response to an unconscious mimicking of how their parents (or other parental figures) acted, or how they interpreted their parent’s actions. For example, a person may shout at someone out of frustration because they learned from an influential figure in childhood the lesson that this seemed to be a way of relating that worked.

Adult (“neopsyche”): a state of the ego which is most like a computer processing information and making predictions absent of major emotions that could affect its operation. Learning to strengthen the Adult is a goal of TA. While a person is in the Adult ego state, he/she is directed towards an objective appraisal of reality.

Child (“archaeopsyche”): a state in which people behave, feel and think similarly to how they did in childhood. For example, a person who receives a poor evaluation at work may respond by looking at the floor, and crying or pouting, as they used to when scolded as a child. Conversely, a person who receives a good evaluation may respond with a broad smile and a joyful gesture of thanks. The Child is the source of emotions, creation, recreation, spontaneity and intimacy.

My lower limit girl

guys, help me come up with a name for this

for now, i am calling it “my lower limit girl”

i find it fascinating

on this post we attach links to the LEAST attractive girl that we would have sex with sober

just her face, not her body

send me the link and then i will attach the pics

we all know what super hotness looks like

i want to see what we would all consider the bare minimum, the bottom threshold, that we would need to get hard and to fuck

yohami, do you think this is a good slogan for life?

or is it too negative, since it has the word “fight” in it.

Update on leads

live leads:

1. blaze, the religious girl. i just texted her a warm up text, “hey girl”.

2. nicole, the 20 year old waitress who works near my place. we have been texting sporadically, and our running joke is that she is always tanning — so sexy — so i just texted her, “let me guess you are tanning right now”.

semi live leads:

3. alizee, if i see her again, in person, gotta go back to stage 1, teasing and ignoring and building attraction. i am at panera now, but not the one she works at, a different one.

dead leads:

too many to count. but those were all LEARNING EXPERIENCES.

the more i practice, the stronger i get.

harem status:

unknown. i think crystal said she is back either june 4 or june 14. actually let me check. hmm. i was supposed to see her may 11, because she was leaving may 13 in the morning, and she was going to be traveling for a month, so yeah i guess she is back june 14.


well, i guess that is good, cause if she had already been back and had not contacted me, that would have been worse.

so i will give myself the benefit of the doubt and say harem status is still 1, on hold.

Rate her face

it’s time for my other favorite game — rate her face.

here is the fb girl of the day.

what do we like about her

what don’t we like about her


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